Linkedin Services Agreement

LinkedIn Talent Insights (“LTI”) provides customers with real-time access to aggregated linkedIn profile data. LinkedIn may, at its sole discretion, include or deny certain member profile data in the LTI service if LinkedIn believes that disclosing member profile data may affect the privacy of LinkedIn members or other customers. LinkedIn does not publish the underlying LinkedIn data or third-party data used in the LTI service. LinkedIn reserves ownership of all rights, titles and interests on all content of the LTI service (including associated intellectual property rights). LTI data is derived from LinkedIn member profiles and corporate pages and provided “how.” LinkedIn accepts responsibility for the quality, accuracy, completeness and timeliness of LTI data. LinkedIn licenses customers non-exclusive, unlimited, free, global, non-transferable, not under-conceded for the use, distribution and display of reports and data generated by the LTI service (“LTI data”) for internal customer use. The customer cannot (i) publish LTI data externally or share it with third parties without LinkedIn`s prior written permission; (ii) to negotiate, resell/resell or monetize LTI or LTI data without LinkedIn`s consent; (iii) to delete or aggregate LTI data for the purpose of creating a competing service; or (iv) to use LTI or LTI data to inform pre-investment activities and/or public safety investments for themselves or its end-customers. Notwithstanding the information written in the ASA or any other agreement between the parties, only the customer and the specific customer partners from whom the customer purchased LTI services on behalf of this order form (“Authorized Affiliates”) are authorized to use LTI services; and (b) the client (including potential rights holders) does not provide LTI services to accommodate staff resulting from a change of control.